Wednesday, January 6, 2010


won`t u be my kissaroo?
I`ve lots of kisses just for u

a morning kiss is full of sun
and wishes 4 the day to come

a breakfast kiss is nice and sweet
it`s fun when sticky lips can meet

a good bye kiss is goes with a hug
to keep you safe and feeling snug

a hello kiss is soft as rain
it`s good to see your face again

a puppy kiss is very wet
as silly as a kiss can get

a kitten kiss is just a lick
a friendly touch , so light and quick

a playful kiss will often squeak
and make a POP! upon your cheek

a gotcha kiss surprises you
with tickles and some giggles, too

a birthday kiss,while candles glow
will make you grow
and grow
and grow

a bedtime kiss will tuck you tight
keep you crazy thought the night
won`t you be my kissaroo?
and everyday, the whole day through
we`ll share new kisses.......... and you!!!!

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